Give your family the chance to enjoy the life they’ve dreamed of with our Takaful Elite Life Plan that provides you with the security while you focus on what matters. From traveling the world to the gadgets you value most, our plan has you covered.

The Takaful Elite Life Plan is designed to provide your family with financial security and protect your lifestyle in unforeseen events.  There are two plans with a high value life takaful cover of OMR 100, 000/-  and OMR 250.000/-.  No medical tests are required, and It also includes free annual family multi-trip travel cover and gadget takaful. 

Please find that we have designed the Key Fact Statement​​ that summarizes the main characteristics of the product. It is brief and limited to critical information that will support your understanding of the product.​​

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Enjoy the benefit of key features designed to protect you and your family.

1. Flexibility to choose protection cover based on your needs:      

    • Plan Option 1 : Sum Covered of OMR 1,00,000/-
    • Plan Option 2 : Sum Covered of OMR 2,50,000/-

Benefits Plan Option 1 Plan Option 2
High Value Life TakafulOMR 60,000/-OMR 150,000/-
Lifestyle SupportOMR 40,000/- in 25 equal monthly instalmentsOMR 100,000/- in 25 equal monthly instalments
Total Benefits OMR 100,000/-OMR 250,000/-


* a. Death due to Accident: 100% of Sum Covered from day one.

   b. Death due to Sickness:


Plan 1

During first 12 months13 to 18 monthsAfter 18 months
20% of the Sum Covered (however death due to pre-existing medical conditions is not covered in the first 6 months)60% of the Sum Covered100% of the Sum Covered


Plan 2

During first 12 months13 to 18 monthsAfter 18 months
20% of 100,000 Sum Covered (however death due to pre-existing medical conditions is not covered in the first 6 months)60% of the 100,000 Sum Covered100% of 250,000 Sum Covered


2. Worldwide Travel Takaful

Section 1 – Personal Accident

Death or PTD or Dismemberment

Children Maximum of 3 children

 10,000 per person

  2,500 per child

Section 2 – Emergency Medical
a. Emergency medical legal and referral services50,000 per person
Emergency evacuation and/or repatriation
Essential medication / medical equipment
Dispatch of Physician
Transportation to join and/or Return of Children**

**Costs are admissible only if the Participant has travelled without any company and has been hospitalized for a period of more than 3 days.

** Maximum liability for return of dependent children left unattended to their place of residence shall not exceed USD 5,000/-

b. Services (Advice and/or Emergency Assistance)Applicable
24 hour worldwide Medical information and assistance100 per day subject to a maximum of 1,000/- per family
Hospital Deposits guarantee 500/- per family
Medical monitoring legal assistance and miscellaneous non-medical assistance250/- per family
c. Hospital daily benefit*50 per day up to maximum of 30 days (1500) per family
d. Repatriation of mortal remains15,000/- per family
e. Emergency medical expenses*

75,000 subject to an excess of 150 per family


* Subject to a minimum hospitalization of 24 hours.
Section 3 – Travel Inconvenience – limits are per family
a. Cancellation and Curtailment500/-
b. Travel delay50 per hour subject to maximum of 500 and excess 8 hours.
c. Delayed baggage50 per hour subject to maximum of 500 and excess 8 hours.

d. Personal baggage


1,250 subject to an excess of 25 each and every cause

Any one article – 250

Jewellery and Valuable - 250

e. Personal Money500 subject to an excess of 50 each and every cause
f. Passport250 subject to an excess of 25
4. Personal Liability – limits are per family
Legal Liability250,000 in the aggregate.


3. Gadget Takaful

Personal Gadget includes Mobile Phones, Smart Phones (including iPhones), iPads, Laptops and Tablets.

Scope of CoverAccidental Damage, Theft, Fraudulent Call use, Breakdown, Accidental Loss
Sum CoveredOMR 500
ExcessOMR 3O

All customers of NBO residing in Oman between the ages of 18 to 60 years are eligible for Takaful Elite Life Plan

Please complete the Application Form and submit to our staff at the nearest branch for further guidance.

1. Why Takaful Elite Life?
Choose the Takaful Elite Life Plan to get  

  • An end to end Shari'a compliant plan with value added benefits
  • A high coverage ceiling of up to - OMR 100,000 for Plan 1 and OMR 250,000/- for Plan 2 
  • Low contributions
  • Coverage for  Annual Family travel Takaful (Spouse + max. 3 children up to the age of 18 years) in US Dollars
  • Coverage for  personal gadgets – Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Smartphones
  • 24x7 worldwide coverage
  • Lump sum pay out and 25 monthly payouts on Death
  • A convenient process with quick application turnaround, simple procedures and no medical tests 

2. Is the Coverage restricted to Oman?
We offer global 24x7 High Value Life and Annual Takaful cover  and coverage for Gadgets Protection  (within Oman only)

3. Is a health checkup part of the eligibility criteria for this plan?
No, there is no health checkup or examination required for enrollment in this plan

  • For PLAN 1 there is no Health Checkup or Medical Questionnaire required for enrollment in this plan.
  • For PLAN 2 Medical Questionnaire required irrespective of the age.

4. How many trips are covered with Annual Family Travel Takaful
Unlimited trips outside Oman will be covered during the policy period, and a single trip shall be covered up to a maximum of 90 days.  The customers will have the facility to attain a Travel Takaful Membership Certificate for Visa purposes.

5. What does the coverage for personal gadgets include?
Personal Gadgets are covered against Accidental Damage, Theft, Fraudulent Call use,  Breakdown and Accidental Loss

6. Is there an excess to be paid while claiming under Gadget Takaful
An excess of OMR 30 will be have to be paid by the customer

7. What is the coverage limit for Gadget Takaful?
The Sum Cover limit is OMR 500

8. What are the eligibility requirements for plan enrollment?
The Participant should meet the eligibility conditions as stipulated by the Bank. The Covered Person and spouse shall be within the age criteria mentioned herein.

  • Minimum age at entry     :   18 completed years.
  • Maximum age at entry     :   60 completed years.
  • Maximum coverage age   :   65 completed years.
The Participant should have a valid Oman residence visa for expatriates or National Identity Card for Oman Nationals.


9. What are the Contribution payment options?
The Contribution payment has to be made annually.

10. Is there a free look/trial(can we call this a trial period?) period under this Policy?
Yes. This policy entitles you full refund of Contribution if you decide to cancel within first 30 days of enrollment. The Company reserves the right to decline a second application following the cancellation of the first application under this plan from the same Participant.

11. Can I cancel my coverage at any time? Will I be eligible to get a refund after cancelling a policy if Annual Contribution is paid in advance?
Yes, you can cancel the policy any time and 80% of the unearned Contribution shall be refunded on a pro- rata basis for the balance of the months of cover due under the Policy.

12. Will I still be able to avail of this coverage If I cease to be a resident of Oman?

13. What if the customer already has a Life Insurance/Takaful Policy or similar plan with another Takaful /Insurance Provider?
This Policy is independent of any other insurance/Takaful policy held by the Participant for High Value Life Takaful Cover however for Worldwide Travel Takaful and Gadget Takaful this Policy shall not be liable to pay or contribute more than its ratable proportion of such loss or damage.

14. Can the benefits under the cover terminate without customer instruction?
Yes, under the following circumstances:

  • the date the Takaful Policy is terminated
  • the date the named Participant is no longer eligible within the definition of Participant;
  • the Contribution due date if the required Contribution is not paid within the Grace Period
  • the date the benefits are paid to the extent of the Principal Sum Cover in respect of the Participant
  • the date the Participant(s) has completed 65 years of age.
15. What is the turnaround time  in case of a claim Settlement?

The claim settlement would take 15 working days from the date of submission of the complete supporting documents.

16. What is the required documentation to file a claim?

Death ClaimsAnnual Family  Takaful Travel Cover Claims
  • Takaful Membership Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Legal Heir Certificate
  • Post-mortem Report (wherever legally required)
  • Police Report (if due to accident)
  • Medical Report
  • Copy of Passport with valid Visa Page (expatriates) or National identity card  (Omani nationals)
  • Any other documents as may be required to substantiate the claim.

Death Claims

  • Death Certificate
  • Police Report

    PTD Claims
  • Disability Certificate from an authorised medical practitioner to assess disability
  • Police Report , Medical Report

    Emergency Medical Claims
  • Detailed Medial report
  • Invoice for medicines/facilities
  • Air ticket
  • Cash receipt by hospital
  • Proof of repatriation expense

    Cancellation & Curtailment Claims
  • Death or medical certificate of Participant's close relative causing cancellation of trip
  • Evidences of other reasons  for cancellation

    Travel Delay Claims
  1. Written confirmation from the airline or shipping line with reason and period of delay

Delayed Baggage Claims

  • Written confirmation from the airline or shipping line stating the reason and period of delay
  • Bills  and invoices for emergency consumables

    Loss of Personal Money/Baggage claims
  • Written confirmation from carrier that baggage is "non-traceable" or "lost"
  • Police report, Airlines, Shipping Lines in respect of loss of baggage

    Loss of Passport claims
  • Copy of notification given to the nearest Embassy
  • Written report from Embassy ,
  • Police Report

    Personal Liability Claims
  • Notice of claim lodged on the  participant by
    third party.
  • Copies of Correspondence exchanged between participant and third party


Gadget Takaful Claims

Theft or Loss Claims

  • Crime reference/Lost Property number and a copy of the Police Crime report – within 24 hours
  • Contact network provider within 12 hours

    All Claims (within 30 days)
  • Claim form issued by the company
  • Police Crime Reference/Lost Property Number (where applicable)
  • Proof of violent and forcible entry (where applicable)
  • Proof of purchase
  • Any other requested documentation.


Note: Submission of Takaful Membership Certificate mandatory for all claims

17. What are the main exclusions?

For High Value  Life Takaful Cover

  • Active participation in any war,
  • Engaged in aviation, gliding, or any other form of aerial flight other than as a fare paying passenger or pilot or crew
  • Any breach of Criminal law
  • Attempted suicide within 1 year
  • Any deliberate self-inflicted injury
  • Accidental or deliberate spread or use of Nuclear, Biological or Chemical material
  • Infection HIV, Aids
  • Terminal Illness, Kidney Failure and Cancer within 12 months
  • Death due to Pre-existing medical condition within 6 months
For Annual Family Travel Takaful Cover
  • Active participation in any war
  • Use of radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties 
  • Supersonic Travel
  • Direct/Indirect effects of  Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), AIDS
  • Any willful self-injury, suicide, attempted suicide, deliberate exposure to exceptional danger
  • alcohol abuse, drug abuse , any anxiety or depression;
  • pregnancy or childbirth if the baby is due during the Covered Trip or within 12 weeks of the end of the Covered Trip;
  • engaging in flying of any kind other than as a passenger;
  • motor cycling more than 125cc, no driving license
  • Undertaking any form of hazardous work
  • Competing in or practicing for speed or time trials, sprints or racing of any kind;
  • Engaging in active services in the Armed Forces of any nation.
  • Journey is undertaken against the advice of a currently qualified medical practitioner.
  • Any property or expense more specifically covered under any other insurance.
  • fraudulent use of credit cards
  • attempt to commit an unlawful act
  • Costs which would have been payable if the event giving rise to a claim had not occurred.
  • Journey that exceeds the 90 days duration of cover.
  • Pre-existing diseases of any kind.
  • Consequential loss of any nature contributed to by an act of terrorism
For Gadget Takaful
  • The amount of the excess which applies to each and every claim
  • Any theft or loss unless supported by a Police Report.
  • Any claim involving theft or loss unless reported to the appropriate local Police authorities within 24 hours
  • Theft of the gadget from unoccupied premises unless there is evidence of violent and forcible entry to the premises.
  • Theft of the gadget left unattended in a public place
  • Theft of the gadget from the person unless force, pickpocketing or threat of violence is used.
  • Theft or loss of, or accidental damage to, the gadget whilst on loan to anyone else other than your immediate family.
  • Loss or theft of, or damage to, additional equipment or accessories other than SIM or PCIMA cards
  • Any claim where the IMEI/Serial number cannot be determined from covered gadget.
  • Any loss of or damage to information or data or software
  • Any claim resulting from the failure of any electrical or computer equipment,
  • Routine repairs or other costs
  • Any kind of damage whatsoever unless the damaged gadget is provided for repair.
  • Reconnection costs or subscription fees of any kind
  • The cost of replacing any personalized ring tones or graphics, downloaded material or software
  • Any expense incurred as a result of not being able to use the gadget
  • Any claim where the loss occurred during the exclusion period
Note: For a gadget without SIM or PCIMA card capability, all exclusions relating to SIM or PCIMA cards are not applicable.

Note: Please refer to the Takaful Elite Life Plan Terms and Conditions for complete list of exclusions.




Takaful Motor Plan

Takaful Motor Plan

Your car is your prized possession. It helps you work, travel and see friends. Most importantly, it keeps your family safe. That’s why a comprehensive Takaful policy that covers not just your vehicle, but all its passengers too, is crucial. And it’s why, in partnership with Takaful Oman, we’ve launched Takaful Motor Plan, the hassle-free way to know that your car is fully covered.