Your car is your prized possession. It helps you work, travel and see friends. Most importantly, it keeps your family safe. That’s why a comprehensive Takaful policy that covers not just your vehicle, but all its passengers too, is crucial. And it’s why, in partnership with Takaful Oman, we’ve launched Takaful Motor Plan, the hassle-free way to know that your car is fully covered.
Whether you’re buying a motor policy for the first time or renewing your existing policy, at NBO we make the process simple, straightforward, easy and offer you a wide range of options at great rates.

Please find that we have designed the Key Fact Statement​​ that summarizes the main characteristics of the product. It is brief and limited to critical information that will support your understanding of the product.​​

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All our motor policies include cover for:   
  • Accidental damage to your car and any other car, passengers or third party involved in an accident you cause
  • Damage caused from fire or theft of your vehicle
 Reasons to smile:
  • Attractive comprehensive and third-party cover rates, including flexible payment options
  • Up to five years’ agency repairs
  • Free UAE cover
  • Optional car replacement cover in case of accident
  • Free personal accident cover for private vehicles with up to five passengers
  • Free medical expenses cover for medical emergencies due to an accident involving the covered vehicle
  • INSTANT Issuance of Takaful policy. – your cover starts immediately
  • Smooth and seamless claims process to offer you extra peace of mind
Comprehensive Takaful Coverage:

Comprehensive coverage through Takaful Motor Insurance from NBO protects you against loss or damage to your insured vehicle (Own Damage), as well as providing third-party coverage. You can also cover your car against road accidents, theft, fires, and natural disasters such as floods and lightning strikes.

Optional extras:
For just 30 baizas per day, you can enjoy:
  • Car replacement benefit for up to 15 days*
  • Pick-up and delivery of your car for routine maintenance once a year*
  • Annual Worldwide travel cover (unlimited trips of up to 92 days per trip) *
For a small extra contribution, dealer repairs can also be upgraded to three years from the vehicle’s first registration.
*T&Cs apply

Takaful Motor Plan is available on cars registered to Omani citizens and expatriate residents who are:

  • National Bank of Oman customers



  • Standard cover is available for sedans and four-wheel drives for private use. The policy excess is as per UMIP-CMA guidelines.
  • Commercial vehicles, taxis, rent-a-cars, trucks and driving school vehicles will be subject to a separate tariff. Policyholders under 25 years old may also be subject to a separate tariff.
  • Takaful Coverage is also available to company-registered vehicles for social, commercial and domestic use. A separate tariff will be applied.


To secure your Takaful Motor plan, you will need your driving license, vehicle registration card (Mulkiya), and national ID card. Please also supply a copy of your ‘No Claims Discount’ letter if you have one. You may either visit the nearest National Bank of Oman branch or call the bank helpline number. The process will be managed by your Relationship Manager of the bank.

Private Vehicles - Comprehensive Premium Structure and Key Benefits:

Particulars RetailPriority Banking
CoverageOwn Damage + Third PartyOwn Damage + Third Party
Repair Service @ Agency1st & 2nd Year*Upto 5 Years**
Geographical Extension- UAE cover FreeFree
Orange Card FeeRO 2/VehicleRO 2/Vehicle

Personal Accident Cover

(Driver + up to 4 Passengers)

Free Free

Personal Accident Cover for More than 4 Passengers


RO 3 per seat RO 3 per seat
Roadside AssistanceFree Free
Medical Expenses CoverFreeFree
Comprehensive coverage provided up to7 years 7 years

Contribution Rate for Vehicle Value up to OMR 10,000 For Drivers Aged Above 25 Years


(except Sports, Coupe and High Performance Vehicles.)

Contribution Rate for Vehicle Value from OMR 10,001 – OMR 50,000 For Drivers Aged Above 25 Years​1.6%

(except Sports, Coupe and High Performance Vehicles.)

Medex Cover​RO 3
Min Premium for Drivers Aged Above 25 years RO 110
Contribution Rate for Vehicle Value up to OMR 10,000 For Drivers Aged up to Age 25 years​2.3%
(except Sports, Coupe and High Performance Vehicles.)
Contribution Rate for Vehicle Value from OMR 10,001 – OMR 50,000 For Drivers Aged up to 25 Years​3%
(Except Sports, Coupe and High Performance Vehicles.
Min Premium for Drivers Aged up to 25 years RO 130
Car Replacement due to Accident NAAvailable during policy inception @ additional RO 110
TP Limit RO 150,000RO 150,000
Deductible for Drivers Above 25 yearsRO 50/ClaimRO 50/Claim
Deductible for Drivers Aged up to 25 years RO 100/claimRO 100/claim

*A special price of RO 105 to be paid as additional premium annually to avail this benefit in the Second Year

**Flat rate of 3% from third year to fifth year.

-Import vehicles are excluded from Comprehensive Cover

-Govt Tax @ 1.85% of total premium


Scheme for Existing Renewal Customers with No Claim Cases

Comprehensive - Private Renewal ​ ​ ​
Body TypeAge RateMinimum Contribution (OMR)
Saloon & 4wd's18-60 Years1.60%OMR 100
Sum Covered : - Up to OMR  50,000 ​ ​ ​
MedexRO 3  
MapfreRO 10
Tax 1.85%
PAB 1+4 Free, RO 3 above 5 seats

-Govt Tax @ 1.85% of total contribution

Private Vehicles - Third-Party Premium Structure and Key Benefits:

Particulars Customers
CoverageThird Party Only  
Geographical Extension –UAE cover   Free 
Orange Card FeeRO 2/Vehicle 

Personal Accident Cover

(Driver + Up to 4 Passengers)


Personal Accident Cover for More than 4 Passengers


RO 3 per seat  
Medical Expenses CoverFree 

Contribution Rate with PAB cover

(Drivers aged Above 25 Years )

RO 55 for all types of vehicles (except Sports, Coupe and High Performance Vehicles.)

Contribution Rate without PAB cover

( Drivers Aged Above 25 Years)

RO 45 for all types of vehicles (except Sports, Coupe and High Performance Vehicles.)
Contribution Rate for Under Aged Drivers up to Age 25 years RO 65 for all types of vehicles (except Sports, Coupe and High Performance Vehicles.)
TP Limit Ro 150,000
Deductible for Drivers Above 25 yearsRO 50/Claim
Deductible for Drivers Aged up to 25 years RO 100/claim
Govt Tax 1.85% of total premium

​1. I have an old car. Can you provide comprehensive cover for all vehicles irrespective of vehicle age?


No. Comprehensive cover is available only for vehicles up to the age of 7years. If you require Comprehensive cover for any vehicles over 7 years, your application will need to be referred to takaful company who will review each case and will be as supportive as possible in helping you with your requirements.


2. I have a comprehensive car takaful policy. What will it cover?


  • Damage to your motor vehicle due to accidental collision, overturning, fire, external explosion, self-ignition, theft, or a malicious act unless specifically excluded
  • Expenses against third party bodily injury/ property damage arising out of use of the participant vehicle


3. I only have a third party liability policy. What will it cover?


  • Death or bodily injury to any third party/person.
  • Damages to third party property arising out of the use of your motor vehicle.


4. What is the excess (deductible) if I claim?


The fixed amount specified in the policy schedule to be borne by the Participant for each accident. Our standard excess is RO 50.


5. I have just had an accident. What do I need to do to apply for a claim?


In the unfortunate event of a claim you will need to submit the following documents along with your claim form: 

  • TO Claim Form
  • MRTA (Minor Road Traffic Accident Form) in case of minor accidents
  • Copy of driving license
  • Copy of registration card (mulkhiya)
  • Police report


6. Am I eligible for agency repair cover?


We offer agency repair cover upto 2 years for retail customers & upto 5 years for Sadara customers at an additional contribution.


7. Do you provide motor takaful for high value cars and sport cars?


Takaful for high-value cars above RO 50k or sports cars can be arranged on a referral basis to the takaful company.



8. Can I cancel my policy at any time?


Policy cancellations may be considered in the following circumstances: 

  • Cancellation of the vehicle registration and validated by the ROP
  • Transfer of ownership of the vehicle to another person
  • The vehicle is covered by another insurer

Policy will be cancelled only after producing valid proof for all the above


9. If the policy is cancelled, do you return the contribution for the unexpired period?


Contribution for the unexpired period is returned as long as no claims were made during the takaful period. The refund is calculated on short period basis as per the CMA.


10. Why can't the takaful and registration be in two different names?


This is an Oman Traffic law requirement.


11. What is an Orange card? When is it required? How do I get one?


An Orange card is a document developed by GAIF (General Arab Insurance Federation) for facilitating easier Motor claim settlement within its member countries. The Orange Card covers damages caused to/by the Participant to/by a Third Party in a foreign GAIF member country.

An Orange Card is required when you are visiting UAE or any one of the GAIF member countries.

12. Can you extend the replacement car service beyond 15 days?

NO, the car replacement option is maximum only for 15 days, also this option can be availed on the condition that at time of claim, vehicle is in garage for repair for min of 48 hours  

13. How can the customer get Travel Takaful certificate under the Mapfre cover?

If the customer has availed Mapfre (Road Side Assistance) option, travel cover is provided free and if the customer needs the certificate, then he/she will have to submit the 1st page of Passport scan copy with the policy number to Takaful Oman who will provide the certificate for the same. Also in case of a claim, customer can call the toll free number 24785486 which is mentioned in the Mapfre card.






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