A woman plays multiple roles in her daily life. From looking after her loved ones to making sure her home is well looked after, from giving her family and friends wholehearted support to giving her best at everything. To continue to play these roles to perfection, to take care of her loved ones, she needs to take care of herself.

With this in mind, we at NBO in partnership with Takaful Oman have introduced "Himayati - My Health Plus" exclusively for all our NBO accountholders which offers a range of four plans to choose from, with flexibility to pay the premium monthly or annually. 

Please find that we have designed the Key Fact Statement​​ that summarizes the main characteristics of the product. It is brief and limited to critical information that will support your understanding of the product.​​

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Description Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4 Plan 5 Plan 6
Section 1A: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Accidental Death of the husbandOMR 20,000OMR 50,0000
OMR 200,000OMR 200,000
Section 1B: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Death of husband due to Sickness/Natural causes
OMR 10,000OMR 20,0000
OMR 25,000OMR 25,000
Following the death of the Husband the wife will be eligible for the following life support benefits paid as lump sum benefit ​
Skill Enhancement AllowanceOMR 2,000OMR 3,000​0
OMR 4,000OMR 4,000
Children Education Fees SupportOMR 2,000OMR 3,000​0
OMR 4,000OMR 4,000
Health Care Allowance
OMR 2,000OMR 3,000​0
OMR 4,000OMR 4,000
Rent AllowanceOMR 2,000OMR 3,000​0
OMR 4,000OMR 4,000
Relocation AllowanceOMR 2,000OMR 3,000​0
OMR 4,000OMR 4,000
Section 2: Women Cancers including Breast Cance, Ovaries Cancer, Cancer in fallopian tubes, Cancer of Uterus, Cervix Cancer, Vagina Cancer & Vulva Cancer

Women cancers

OMR 6,000

OMR 12,000

OMR 6,000

OMR 12,000

OMR 15,000

OMR 50,000

All customers of NBO residing in Oman between the ages of 18 to 64 years are eligible for Himayati My Health Plus

Please complete the Application Form and submit to our staff at the nearest branch and they will guide you.

The plan wise premium details are as mentioned below;

Premium FrequencyPlan 1Plan 2Plan 3Plan 4Plan 5Plan 6
Monthly PremiumOMR 13OMR 26OMR 5OMR 9OMR 50OMR 80
Annual PremiumOMR 150OMR 300OMR 58OMR 105OMR 600OMR 960


Q.  What are the USP's of Himayati My Health Plus?

A.  The USP's are as follows:

  • Sharia compliant
  • 24 hours worldwide cover
  • Hassle free Enrollment.  No Medical Examination is required
  • Comprehensive coverage at  a very low premium
  • Lump sum payout upon diagnosis of one or more of the listed Women Cancers.
  • Life Style benefits following the death of the spouse (husband)
  • Premium can be paid monthly or annually


Q. What are the benefits covered in the Policy?

A.  1. Death of the Husband due to an accident or sickness/natural cause

      2. Women Cancers - namely

  • Breast Cancer
  • Ovaries Cancer
  • Cancer in fallopian tubes
  • Cancer of Uterus
  • Cervix Cancer
  • Vagina Cancer
  • Vulva Cancer


Q. Who is eligible for this Plan?

A. All customers of NBO residing in Oman between the age of 18 to 64 years.

Q. What is the commencement date?
A. Commencement date is the date the customer is enrolled for this Plan with NBO.

Q.  How can I Enroll for this cover?
A.  Contact nearest branch of NBO or the call center.​

Q. Is the Coverage restricted to Oman?
A. The coverage is World Wide – 24x7


Q. What are the eligibility requirements?



  1. Insured Person should meet the eligibility conditions as stipulated by the Bank to become accountholder.
  2. Insured Person and spouse shall be within the age criteria mentioned herein.

Minimum age at entry     :   18 completed years.

Maximum age at entry   :   64 completed years.

Maximum coverage age :   65 completed years.

  1. The Insured Person should have a valid Oman residence visa for expatriates or National Identity Card (Nationals only).


Q. Is Health Check-up required for taking this Plan?

  1. Plan 1, Plan 2 , Plan 3  and Plan 4 – No health check-up is required
  2. Plan 5 & Plan 6 - Medical Questionnaire required irrespective of the age

Q. What are the Premium payment options?
A . Customer can choose to pay the Premium either monthly or annually.

Q . Can the Insured Person claim under both the sections of the Policy?
A.  Yes, the first section pays the benefit in the event of death of the husband (spouse of  Insured Person), the second section pays a benefit when the Insured Person is diagnosed with a covered cancer and living.  The policy terminates upon payout of one claim.

Q. Is there a free look period under the Policy?
A. Yes. This policy entitles you full refund of contribution if you decide to cancel within first 30 days of enrollment. The Company reserves the right to decline a second application following the cancellation of the first application under this plan, from the same Covered   Person.

Q. Can I cancel my coverage at any time? Will I be eligible to get a refund after cancelling a policy if annual Premium is paid in advance?
A.  Yes you can cancel the policy any time, 80% of the unearned Premium shall be refunded on a pro     rata basis for the balance of the months of cover due under the Policy.

Q. What if I cease to be a resident of Oman, do I still get the cover?
A.  No.

Q. What if the customer already has a Life Insurance Policy or similar plan with other Takaful /Insurance Provider?
A. This Plan is independent of any other Takaful /Insurance Plans taken by the Insured Person. The policy will pay the benefit. 


Q. Can the benefits under the cover terminate in respect of customer without his instructions?
A. Yes, under the following circumstances:

  1. the date the Covered  Person is no longer eligible within the definition of Covered  Person(s);
  2. the date the benefits are paid to the extent of the principal sum in respect of any Covered  Person;
  3. the date the Covered  Person or spouse has attained the age of 65 years
  4. the date the Covered  Person is no longer resident of Oman.

Q. What is the Evidence of Insurability or any medical examinations to be conducted?
A. No medical tests are required to enroll.

Q. What would be the documentation in case of a claim?
A. The documentation is as follows:

Section 1- Death Benefit

  1. Death certificate
  2. Post mortem report (wherever legally required)
  3. Police report (if Death was due to an accident)
  4. Medical report from an authorized medical practitioner with detailed diagnosis and cause of Death if required by the Company when the actual cause of Death is not clearly mentioned in the Death certificate.
  5. Copy of passport with valid visa page (in case of Expatriates)/ National Identity Card (in case of Nationals)
  6. Any other documents as may be required to substantiate the claim

Section 2- Women Cancer Benefit

  1. Medical report from an authorized medical practitioner diagnosing female cancer..
  2. Copy of Passport (with residence visa page for expatriates) or National Identity Card (Nationals only)​
  3. Any other documents as may be required to substantiate the claim.

Q. What is the TAT in case of a claim Settlement?

A. The claim settlement would take 15 working days from the date of submission of the complete supporting documents.


Q.  What are the main exclusions?
A .  Exclusions in respect of death due to sickness benefit

  1. Pre-existing Illness, however it is covered after 12 months from the Commencement Date.

Exclusions applicable to Accidental death benefit

  1. Participating in hazardous sports.
  2. Resulting from intoxication or due to the influence of any narcotic or drug unless administered on the advice of a physician.

Exclusions applicable to Female Cancers

  1. Waiting Period - 120 days of the Commencement Date
  2. Due to chronic illness / condition
  3. Illness due to Pre-existing Illness or condition.

General Exclusions applicable to all sections

  1. War and allied perils, however Passive War is covered.
  2. Any breach of criminal law
  3. Attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury, however covered after 1 year
  4. Loss resulting from accidental or deliberate spread or use of Nuclear, Biological or Chemical material including loss,
  5. Due to Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) and/or any HIV related illness including Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and/or any mutant derivatives or variations thereof​​




Himayati Life Insurance

Himayati Life Insurance

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